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HELMeTo Award

Art. 1 


The HELMeTO 2020 scientific committee establishes, with conferment to the current edition, the "HELMeTO Prize".


Art. 2


Participation in the "HELMeTO Prize" is reserved only to authors whose contribution to the HELMeTO 2020 conference is accepted after the peer review.


Art. 3


The "Prize" is reserved for extended abstracts accepted at the HELMeTO 2020 conference, all accepted contributions are automatically candidates for the prize.


Art. 4

Prize number

The prizes are two: one for contributions relating to the pedagogical-methodological area and one for the technological area.


Art. 5

Scientific Commission

The Scientific Commission of the "HELMeTO Prizes" is composed of the General Chairs and the Program Chairs of the Helmeto 2020 conference and decides by majority.


Art. 6


The submission of contributions is that provided for in the call for paper of the HELMeTO 2020 conference

The delivery of the "Awards" will take place, with a public ceremony, during HELMeTO 2020.

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